IAAF Certification System

Authorized by IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations),
NISHI products are used as official goods in international events.

Implements Competition Equipment

Gold Prize for the Century International GOLD Quality Era Award

The Gold Prize of 2002 Century International GOLD Quality Era Award was given to NISHI. This award which is decided upon the voting of 9,500 world enterprises and is selected by the B.I.D. (Business Initiative Directions) is given to the qualified enterprises based on the comprehensive evaluation of corporate philosophy and product quality. The 2002 awarding ceremony took place in Geneva in July.
We are the world's first company given this award in the field of sports.



The basic philosophy of NISHI Athletic Goods Co., Ltd. is to engage in better business activities which are environmentally friendly,
taking into consideration the invaluable global environment.
We try to harmonize our business activities with nature,
being aware that preservation of our global eco-system is one of the most important issues common to all human beings.

Object in view

  1. Our company will determine our target and environmental aim, to the extent technically and economically possible, and reconsider along with the changes of the environment.
    We will perform the continuous improvement of the system as we consider the influence which business activities relating to "sports for health" and "sports for competition" have on the environment.
  2. Our company will follow the environmental laws and regulations that involve our business activities and other required matters that the related organizations have accepted.
  3. Aiming for the reduction of burden on the environment, our company will promote the following for our business activities.
    1. Cut back in the electricity used,to reduce energ
    2. Proposal of business in consideration of the environment
  4. Our employees will be informed of this environmental aim and the awareness will be improved through environmental education and publicity activities in the company.
    Moreover, this environmental aim will be open to the public if requested from outside of the company.

International Competitions

Aug.1985 National Supplier for Kobe Universiade
Aug.1987 Rome World Championships
Sep.1988 Seoul Olympic Games
Sep.1988 Barcelona World Cup
Aug.1990 Beijing Asian Games
Aug.1991 National sponsor for Tokyo World Championships
Jul.1992 Barcelona Olympic Games
Jul.1992 Seoul World Junior Championships
Oct.1994 National supplier for Hiroshima Asian Games
Aug.1995 National supplier for Fukuoka Universiade
Jun.1996 The Atlanta Olympic Games
Jul.1998 National supplier for Fukuoka Asian Championships
Mar.1999 National supplier for Maebashi World Indoor Sports Championships
Aug.1999 Seville World Championships
Sep.2000 Sydney Olympic Games
May.2001 Osaka East Asian Games
Aug.2001 Edmonton World Championships
Oct.2001 Santiago World Junior Championships
Jul.2002 Kingston World Junior Championships
Aug.2002 Colombo Asian Championships
Sep.2002 Pusan Asian Games
Sep.2002 Madrid World Cup
Sep.2002 Munich European Championships
Aug.2003 Paris World Championships
Aug.2003 Taegu Universiades
Aug.2004 Athens Olympic Games
Aug.2005 Helsinki World Championships
Sep.2005 Inchon Asian Championships
Mar.2006 Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games
Jul.2006 Macau Asian Junior Championships
Aug.2006 Gothenburg European Championships
Aug.2006 Beijing World Junior Championships
Sep.2006 Athens World Cup
Dec.2006 Doha Asian Games
Aug.2007 Osaka World Championships
Jul.2008 Bydgoszcz World Junior Championships
Aug.2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Jul.2009 Bressanone World Youth Championships
Aug.2009 Berlin World Championships
Mar.2010 Doha World Indoor Championships
Jul.2010 Moncton World Junior Championships
Jul.2010 European Athletics Championships Barcelona 2010
Aug.2010 Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games
Sep.2010 IAAF/VTB Bank Continental Cup
Jul.2011 2011 World Youth Championships in Athletics
Aug.2011 Tegu World Championships
Aug.2012 London Olympic Games
Aug.2013 Moscow World Championships


May.1951 Mr. Teiichi NISHI opens a sports shop in Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Feb.1974 Organizational change to NISHI Athletic Goods Co., Ltd.
Aug.1988 Affiliate to the ASICS group
Apr.1999 NISHI athletic goods become certified by the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations)
Apr.2000 Official supplier of athletic goods continuously for 7 events
held by the JAAF (Japan Association of Athletics Federations)
Jul.2002 Received Gold Prize of the Century International GOLD Quality Era Award (B.I.D-QC100)
Joined the WFSGI (World Federation of the Sporting GoodsIndustry)
Mar.2003 Main office obtains ISO14001 (environment management system) certification
Apr.2004 Sekiyado Factory, Funabashi Factory and Sekiyado Distribution Center obtain ISO14001 certification
Oct.2007 FSB 2007 (Germany)
Oct.2009 FSB 2009 (Germany)